Blue Apron

I’m back after a long break, having moved from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon. I miss Koreatown for the amazing variety of ingredients easily available, but the food scene here is fantastic, with hundreds of food carts and a lot of creative cuisine.

Today I am writing about Blue Apron,, a service for home cooks that delivers ingredients for a complete menu starting at $60 per week for 3 meals of two servings each.


Blue Apron  package

What a cool gift! Thanks John! It’s a bit pricey for the amount of food delivered, and I enjoy shopping as part of the process of cooking, but this is a fun service for someone who likes to cook but is too busy to shop and prep everything. I really like the presentation. It comes to your door in a shipping box, with the proteins wrapped in ice packs and everything portioned into individual packages, as illustrated in the photo above. I can’t wait to start cooking!

This week’s menu includes Blackened Drum Fish Over Cheddar Cheese Grits, Hanger Steaks with “Creamed” (parmesan, not cream) Spinach, and Kung Pao Chicken Tacos. The ingredients look great, and the recipes are straightforward, located in the Cookbook section of their website.

Come back soon to see how they turned out.

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